"Prentiss has made a huge difference in my daughter’s speech and language journey. We love her!"
– Parent
"Thank you for helping me say words better so people can understand me."
– 6-year-old
"I have worked with Prentiss for over 15 years. I have the utmost respect for her, and I am thrilled that she will be serving children in our community as a private practitioner!"
– School-based Speech-Language Pathologist
"Prentiss is amazing at what she does! She has been incredible at helping our speech kids for the 10 years I’ve worked with her. She’s very personable and great with kiddos of all ages!"
– 2nd grade Teacher
"Prentiss has been my son’s speech therapist for four years and she is amazing. She makes therapy fun for kids."
– Parent of Elementary School Child
"I’ve seen a huge progression since we have started with you so it’s been really encouraging."
– Mom of Preschooler
"It’s so meaningful to us that you’ve come to know our son and his interests so well and use that knowledge in your teaching. You have been so helpful and supportive with your time and activities and ideas for us to use at home."
– Parents of Kindergartener
"You are great and awesome and nice because you help me speak."
– Former Student
"The way you so clearly communicate a student’s need to their family is just remarkable."
– Principal

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