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I'm Prentiss Stidham

In my private practice, Stidham Speech Therapy, I service the Maryville, Alcoa, and Knoxville area. I focus on the evaluation and treatment of pediatric speech sound disorders and language impairments.

I specialize in:
• Speech Sound Disorders
• Articulation Delays
• Phonological Disorders
• Childhood Apraxia of Speech
• Stuttering
• Receptive Language Disorders
• Expressive Language Disorders

In-home therapy is provided. Call (865) 217-6111 to check for availability.


If you have speech concerns, a quick 15-minute screening is a great place to start. A screening gives you information about whether your child’s speech is age-appropriate.


A speech evaluation is an in-depth look at your child’s speech-language and is needed in order to provide speech therapy.
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Based on the results of the evaluation, therapy is tailored to the unique needs of your child. Services are provided in the convenience of your home or your child’s daycare. Teletherapy is also available.
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Speech therapy

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Speech and language skills are essential to your child’s development. They impact a child’s social interactions, behavior, and academic skills. Being able to speak clearly, understand others, and express ideas are fundamental building blocks for children. Receiving treatment before school ensures that they won’t miss out on critical pre-reading skills. Children who are experiencing speech sound delays when it is time to start school are most at risk of having literacy difficulties. I’m here to help!
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do you ask yourself?

“Is my child’s speech development normal for their age?”

“Should I get my child help or just wait? I keep thinking they’ll grow out of it.”

“What do I do to get help? Do I need a referral from our pediatrician?”

“Why does everyone say my child is hard to understand? I understand them just fine.”
“Thank you for helping me say words better so people can understand me.”

- Kindergarten Student

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Call: (865) 217-6111
Email: info@StidhamSpeech.com
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